The power of a step…

450px-China_-_Emei_Shan_6_-_up_up_we_go!_(135961132)Yesterday I wrote a post for another site about the steps to reaching your “impossible dream.” Afterwards, I felt inspired and I sat down to try and tackle my own dream. it didn’t take long before the panic started to set in.  I felt overwhelmed. Fearful that I might have made a wrong choice. I worked too long, which only added to the storm rising within.

Eventually I forced myself to stop. I felt discouraged, and I could feel the effects of the long hours on my body and my eyes. I tried to watch one of my favorite shows to unwind, but I couldn’t turn off my mind.

When I finally went to bed, I steeled myself for a long night. My mind was so jumbled that I feared that I would never fall asleep. As I lay there, my mind rehashing over the work that I had done that day and fretting over the future, I realized that I was completely ignoring the very thing that I had wrote earlier that day. Instead of following the steps that I had laid out – which include overcoming self-doubt and breaking your dream down into manageable goals – I was allowing myself to get swept up in the negative thoughts and actions that stop so many people from obtaining their lives.

As I lay in bed, I literally laughed out loud. So much for following my own advice.

I realized that the panic I was feeling was from a pressure I was putting on myself (albeit unconsciously) to achieve the dream “overnight.” As with anything worth achieving, it was going to take time.  Yes, I had a lot of hard work ahead of me, and I’m sure that there will be some learning curves along the way, but I needed to find the joy in the journey. Instead of focusing on the end result, I needed to give myself permission to cut it down into smaller, more manageable bites.  Smaller goals that, once achieved, would lead me to bigger goals, which would ultimately lead me to my final goal. I needed to be realistic and make a plan of attack that was actually achievable.

In that moment, I made one smaller goal.  With that simple action, I could feel the weight of worry release. This was something that I could do. I knew how to achieve it. I could probably even do it soon. It would be something that I could celebrate…and something that would start me on my journey of making my impossible dream possible.

When I woke up this morning, the panic tried to settle back in.  But I fought it down by making a plan of attack for today. Small, manageable goals.  On their own they may seem unremarkable but together, they make all the difference.


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