The early bird…



That’s what my eyes registered when I woke up with a jolt yesterday morning.  The jolt, I believe, came from the dream I was having (about trying to catch a train and running towards it as is was about to pull out of the station – there’s meaning in that I’m sure). I have no idea where the 5:30 came from.

I rolled over to try and go back to sleep, but it was useless.  I was wide awake.  More awake then I am when I wake up at my normal time. And my mind was Spinning – though, thankfully, not in a negative way.  Instead it was brimming with ideas on different projects that I was working on. The ideas were coming so quickly that I eventually rolled over and grabbed my notebook.  I figured that, maybe if I wrote them down, my mind would quite down and I could get some more sleep.

As I put pen to paper, my mind only increased the amount of ideas that it was creating. Some of them were solving (or at least tackling) some problems that I had been stewing about for the past couple of days.  Some were outside the box ideas of how I could achieve some dreams I’ve been dusting off. Each one managed to get me more and more excited about the day.

Which is when I realized – instead of grumbling about waking up before my alarm went off (which, I freely admit, had been my first reaction), these precious morning hours while most of the world was still asleep were actually a gift.  My mind was being creative.  It was raring to go. Why would I want to put it back to sleep?

That’s when I decided to get up.  It was still dark, and I had over an hour before my alarm would start ringing.  I pulled on my robe, padded to my comfortable chair, lighted a candle, snuggled under a blanket, fired up my computer and started working on some of the ideas that were jumbling around in my head.  I kept my notebook close at hand to record the new ideas that continued to pop up. I let the enthusiasm of my mind infuse every action that I took. I was in the moment, letting my mind fulfill its purpose.

That hour became precious. I can’t say that I changed the world, but I will be forever grateful that I took it.



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