Looking up…

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to post today, but my mind keeps going back to this powerful video that I saw yesterday.  It’s been online for over a week, and, at the time of my writing this, has logged over 20 million views, so there is a high chance that you’ve already seen it. But if not, I’ll hope you’ll take a few moments to watch. It hits on something that I’ve already talked about here – the necessity of unplugging from our virtual world and connecting with the real world – but in a way that is so much more elegant than my own ramblings. And I’m pretty sure that the reason why its struck a chord with so many people is because they see the reality of this modern epidemic in their own lives.  So, because it had such a positive effect on my own life (I unplugged my phone for quite awhile afterwards, choosing instead to go out and engage with my friends), I want to share it here in the hopes that it will have the same effect on someone else.

Watch.  And then look up.


8 thoughts on “Looking up…

  1. The problem is that when we look down and we are on our phones, yes we miss what happens when we look up, but when we do look up(depending on where we are) We have TV’s and Billboards, and Big Screens and everything else to keep us distracted. Man…. let’s just go camping.


  2. A world full of people yet a world full of strangers. This is the world we live in. Sad but true, I am so glad I grew up when social media was just an idea. Where if I was bored I went outside and played until the streets lights came on. And did it all over again the next day. Where I did’nt get a computer in my house until I was in junior high and didn’t get a cell phone until I entered college.


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