The bold and the beautiful…

Today I read a quote from Goethe that really hit me.  He said:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.  Begin it now.”

Beginning.  Taking the first step.  Sometimes, that it is the hardest one to take.  Starting the positive project, and making the decision to consciously make one positive choice per day was a huge step for me.  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve seen incredible results so far.  And yet, I’ve also come to realize that it is all a little haphazard.

The haphazard choices was a good, important place to start. However, when you are on a journey, shouldn’t there actually be a destination?

The dream of having a more positive life is, I believe, completely worthwhile.  But how will I measure it when I have it? How will I know?

Which leads to the question of what is my actual dream?

After reading the quote from Goethe, I decided it was time to get out of the abstract and into the concrete. I’ve had a lot of ideas buzzing around my head over the past few days and I figured it was time to be bold and get them down on paper. Today, for my first step, I answered the following question:

“What am I passionate about?”

Ironically, for me, that is a harder question to answer then you might think.  You see, I’ve always been “cursed” with a wide variety of interests.  I’m a bit of a Renaissance woman – not only do I find pleasure in many fields and subjects, I am blessed to be good in many of them.  While it makes life entertaining and varied, it can also make it hard to focus.  How do I dedicate all my time to one particular interest or field when there are 100 other things that I like doing as well?

For today’s list, I decided to just let the words come out as they may. Once the word well ran dry, I looked back over what I had written.  It was fascinating.  Most of it stayed pretty broad. Everything from “helping other achieve their potential” to “telling stories” to “being loved and accepted” had a place on the page.  Some were specific. Some were abstract.  But all of them define a piece of me as I am in the present moment.

This list is a great start. There is, of course, work to be done; figuring out any common threads, how the abstract are manifested in reality, and what can I do in order to accomplish the things on my list.  But while there is much to do, the bold first step has been taken. And for today, that is good.

Which leaves me to ask.  What is on your list?

The first bold step here was to plant the seeds. I remain in awe of the resulting beauty. (Source: Author)

The first bold step here was to plant the seeds. I remain in awe of the resulting beauty. (Source: Author)





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