Taking advantage…

As I said in my first post, I’m a thirty-something single female.  When I was younger, I just always assumed that by this time I would have a husband and kids.  It never really occurred to me that “husband and kids” might not, at this stage in my life, be a reality. And, to be truthful, there are definitely times that the “single” part of that definition leaves me sad.

Today, however, was a day when I took full advantage of my situation. I had the day off and I decided last night that I was going to take a complete “me” day.  It actually started last night when I went out with some friends and didn’t worry about getting home at a reasonable hour.  Then when I did get home, I caught up on my favorite TV show.  This morning I slept in. I made a delicious breakfast. I read a book.  I worked out.  I went shopping.  Basically, I did what I wanted, when I wanted.

I have enough married friends and family members to know that this sort of day is not easily accomplished when you have a husband and kids who depend on you. And while there are so many wonderful aspects and blessings that come from being married (or so I hear), today I am grateful for the singleness that allowed me to take my “me” day.  Now that I have returned home, I got to eat the dinner I wanted to eat and am getting ready to settle down for another one of my favorite shows with a serving of a delicious dessert in front of me. I feel refreshed and recharged. I feel more balanced. Though I look forward to the time that I get to experience married life, for now I choose to take full advantage of the benefits of being single.


4 thoughts on “Taking advantage…

  1. I love those days! I always feel so accomplished and complete when I spend the entire doing what I love. I am only 21 and have struggled with relationships too much to be this young. I am realizing I need to take advantage of this time as a single woman as well. No need to rush.


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