When you need a little blood…

I was a little late in learning about last night’s blood moon.  It had been a long and crazy day, made longer and crazier by an unfortunate circumstance at work, and all my energies were focused on actually getting done everything that was on my list.  Which meant I hadn’t really spent anytime paying attention to the world around me. Later that evening, when someone mentioned the blood moon, and the fact that this would be last visible full lunar eclipse until 2019, I was intrigued.  But I was also really tired, and the though of staying up was just a little daunting.

Ultimately I decided to stay up.  At first I entertained myself catching up on some of my shows, but eventually, as the eclipse took place, I turned off everything and just sat on my couch, wrapped in a blanket and stared out the window to the moon that was being slowly overcome with that dark, reddish-brown hue. In that moment when all the world was still and the night sky was showcasing its many wonders, I was overcome with the amazing, awesome beauty of this universe.  I felt a little like Jiminy Cricket at the beginning of Disney’s version of Pinocchio, gazing up into the night sky and believing that if you sent your heart’s wish out into the void, it would, somehow, come true.  While no blue fairy came to visit me, it did leave me with a feeling of peace, wonderment, and contentment. Which, for last night, was exactly what I needed.

blood moon



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